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AgriGated Update

As agriculture moves into the 21st century and is faced with the challenges of increasing demand and decreasing resources, leveraging the efficiencies of available technologies will become an ever-growing part of farming operations. When we came together in early 2014, we quickly recognized that the Treasure Valley is uniquely positioned at the “intersection of potato chip and microchip” and an ideal location for starting a company focused on "ag-tech".

We landed on the idea of AgriGated after discovering the overwhelming amount of information and data available to agricultural professionals and the lack of a means to utilize that information. AgriGated provides agriculture professionals an application that aggregates, distills, and delivers real-time, relevant information to farmers in a single, customizable, and user-friendly platform. Our web-based application combines custom-tailored news feeds, locally-relevant weather reports, and industry-specific market updates to provide streamlined, meaningful insights that help farmers make faster and more well-informed decisions regarding their operations.

Since our competition win in April of this year we have been hard at work designing and developing our application and trying to better understand our prospective customers and their needs. As we come to the end of 2014 we have built up an extensive network of potential customers and are only weeks away from launching a beta version of our application. We couldn't be more excited about the opportunities the BYP has provided us through this program and are eagerly look forward to "agrigating" information for the agricultural industry for years to come.

-AgriGated | 1st Place b|launche Team