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Ideas come to life at b|launched Revealed

BOISE, Idaho – (April 25, 2012) – From unformed idea to product launch powering a high-growth company, b|launched Revealed on April 25 at The Water Center is the culmination of a seven month journey.
Created through the Boise Metro Chamber’s BYP program, b|launched is a one of a kind, “soup-to-nuts” competition designed to connect Boise’s young professional talent with experienced entrepreneurs to spur idea development and company creation.
“Everyone talks about the need to increase the knowledge base in our community and foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said b|launched mentor Faisal Shah. “What we saw with this inaugural competition is the true breadth of the talent in our region. More importantly, when an environment is created to bring those minds together around an idea – new skill sets are developed with the potential to drive economic growth in our community.”
Five teams competed and a panel of judges selected the first and second place winners in December. At b|launched Revealed - several of the teams that started the competition will be presenting the evolution of their idea and the lessons learned along the way.
“It is inspiring to watch the hard work and tireless effort put forth by our young entrepreneurs in their desire to start companies and help our community,” said Bill Connors, President & CEO of The Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. “The momentum this program is creating and the knowledge that is being shared speaks to the heart of the Chamber’s mission – creating regional economic prosperity.”
About the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce: Established in 1885, the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce strives to be the leading business advocacy organization in the Treasure Valley. The Boise Metro Chamber is a private, non-profit, membership- driven organization comprised of nearly 1,800 business enterprises, civic organizations, education institutions and individuals. Its mission is to provide leadership that will help create regional economic prosperity and success for its members.
About b|launched: The Boise Young Professionals b|launched program is a job creation and new business start-up initiative. Five teams comprised of one successful Boise entrepreneur and 10 talented young professionals – diverse in skill and background – are formed to compete for initial funding to start a business.  For more information, visit 
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